Tales Of Our Adventures

Our club has travelled to many places around the world over the last 21 years, making many friends along the way. 


 2020 We went to Houston, Texas and Las Vegas in March.  Our journey to Sibiu, Romania in July was cancelled due to Covid.

2019 We went to Saitama near Tokyo and Hiroshima, Japan

2018 We went to Australia

2017 We went to Brazil

2016 We went to Canada and the USA 

2015  We went to Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia

2014  We went to Riga, Latvia

2013  We went to Indonesia and Cambodia

2012  We went to New Zealand





2011 - Our visit to South Africa    





2011 - Our visit from New Zealand 



2010 - California, Mexico and more... PDFClick icon to download.






2010 - Hiroshima City FF visits Leicestershire      

 Prior to the above we have visited Brazil, Australia, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Russia, Chile, Japan, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Peru, Germany and other places and had lots of great adventures.