Welcome to Leicestershire Friendship Force

Change the way you see the world

When we travel with the Friendship Force, we see a country from the inside looking out, instead of from the outside looking in. We explore new countries, new cultures and new ways to connect in friendship. By sharing a home, conversation, meals and everyday experiences, people become friends, seeing beyond borders and into the hearts of other countries and other peoples. By combining home hospitality with cultural exploration, we hope to reach a new level of understanding our global village.


Friendship Force International was founded in 1977 and has since brought millions of people together, promoting friendship and understanding. Its vision is that each individual will make a contribution to global goodwill and by connecting the world, one friend at a time, that world of friends will become a world of peace.

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The Friendship Force of Leicestershire is one of 8 clubs within the United Kingdom. There are Clubs in Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.


Whether travelling to the homes of others or opening our homes as hosts, we find we have much in common and much to share with our new friends. And we travel in small groups, which is a bonus for those who would otherwise be travelling on their own.


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The Friendship Force of Leicestershire was founded in 1999 and has over 40 Members.


Apart from regular exchanges with other Friendship Force Clubs, we have a very active social life, including monthly ‘Nosh & Natter’ lunches at hostelries throughout the County, trips to the theatre, outings etc.